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Alleged Nude Photos Of Scarlett Johansson Hit The Web


Nude photos — purportedly — of actress Scarlett Johansson have been leaked onto the Internet after her phone was hacked.
That’s what they all say.But who am to judge,

Naked photos that The Avengers stars took of herself on her phone have appeared on popular websites, and according to reports, the FBI were contacted on Tuesday as the violation is considered to be a criminal act.

The 26-year-old movie star is far from the first celebrity to become the victim of phone hacking and Scarlett was purportedly part of an investigation earlier this year.

The FBI launched an investigation in March to find the tech savvy group accused of stealing naked photos of Hollywood actresses including Jessica AlbaScarlett Johansson,Vanessa Hudgens and Christina Aguilera.

At the time, cyber-crooks were reported to have nude photos and videos of at least 50 female celebrities — which also includes Selena GomezDemi LovatoAli LarterBusy PhilippsMiley CyrusEmma Caulfield and Addison Timlin — after they hacked into their cell phones and other devices to obtain the compromising images.


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