Do You Feel He’s Just Not Into You? Let Me Tell You WHY!

  • Kerry21

    This is why dating is not really fun. Too much involved especially if you are not having sex.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t these just signs that you’re dating an idiot? If a guy can’t handle closeness, better to know early and drop him as opposed to avoiding closeness in an effort to reel him in. An idiot will always be an idiot. Why waste the time?

  • The TRUTH

    u r so right.

  • Keisha AKA BabyGirl

    I had idiots before…invested too much time then i realized that if a guy likes and wants u he likes and wants you IMMEDIATELY…my husband and i married after four months of dating. ladies give the guy one month to prove he wants you. if not move on to the next. dont waste your energy and time on players.

  • BaByGiRl26

    What happened to just being yourself and doing what makes you and the other feel comfortable? That’s what my husband and I did. This is a little off base in my opinion.

  • Keisha AKA BabyGirl

    right! you should be able to be loved for who you really are!!!

  • Anonymous

    and they say woman are confusing……………Pfft…..They can just start by kissing me left and right cheecks on which i sit everyday!