BUSTED: Kim Kardashian HICKEY Confirmation, Kanye & Kimmy Are Hooking UP!

Reality star Kim Kardashian has been saying that she is not hooking up with RnB superstar/turned fashion icon Kanye West. Plus after his new song release “Theraflu” where West admits to falling in love with Kim, might even tell us that Kanye really want this chick in his life. Now, many reports are saying that after the two hanged out on Thursday, and going to see the Hunger Games, Kim went straight back to Kanye’s apartment and SPENT THE NIGHT. More details below……………………

Kim was spotted yesterday morning leaving Kanye’s NYC crib, and we even forgot to check for signs of possible proof that the two did in fact hookup. Well we got confirmation that the scar on kimmy’s neck is not a bruise and that sure well is a HICKEY YA’LL! 

Things are definitely heating up between the two and we wish them all the best and NO 72 days of marriage.

hey Kim, you forgot your furr coat.

Which reminds me on tips for hickey removal that may or may not work:

— Comb the spot with a tooth comb which is proven to work, because I have had my days. TMI. OKay!
— Compression with a cold spoon
— wear a turtleneck, or scarf and wait it out

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