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Earlier this week, Rapstress Eve spoke out against Azalea’s music, saying she found it to be ‘unconvincing’, adding further insult by praising her new found nemesis Azealia Banks. Now, Iggy has responded by way of XXL Magazine.

See what Iggy had to say below…

I like Eve.

Everybody is different, everybody hasn’t lived out of the box and for you to even know if it’s real, you have to kind of be an out-the-box person or somebody who likes something there not suppose to [like].

A girl like her that raps is expected, so, how could you understand something so different?”

I’m not mad at [Eve] for not understanding it. How could you if you’ve never been ostracized or loved something you weren’t suppose to love?

Everything you’ve loved you’re allowed to love, so, how could you understand me?

Thus, how could you know if it’s real? I used to be like, it is real, let me prove it to you. Now, I don’t care if you think it’s real or not because it’s what I love, it’s my life.

I don’t put my story all out there for you because I don’t need to put my story out there and prove it. I don’t give a f*ck if you think I am or not cause that girl in the crowd understand it and that’s who it’s for, if you don’t then it’s not for you.


It’s interesting so many veterans (especially in Hip Hop) feel they have the right to determine what’s ‘real’ and what’s not.

Sure, everyone has the right to their own opinion and Eve was just expressing hers, but this habit of labeling anything lighthearted or fashion forward as ‘fake’ is getting a little tired, and makes veterans who are unfairly critical of new acts seem dated.

But what do you think?

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