Nicki Minaj Talks Father’s Crack Addiction, And Getting Mad At Lady Gaga Comparisons [Video]

Rapper Nicki Minaj is tough for a reason, has she recently sat down in an interview with abcnews, where she talked about children, father’s crack addiction, and being urked about comparison to Lady Gaga. The interview sort of pissed off Nicki with the Lady Gaga comparisons. Check it out below…….

Remember…..Minaj did a interview last year where she talked about her abusive past, she said, the abuse didn’t stop until her brother was old enough and big enough to challenge her father. And while she still bares the scars of that childhood, it’s made her tough — both with men, and in her self-confidence:

“A lot of fans say they like me because I don’t give a damn what they say about me. As a teenager you spend so much time worrying about what people say about you,” Minaj told the paper. “Whether you are overweight, whether you feel ugly, whatever it is. You know what? I am a bad bitch. I don’t care. Go f*** yourself.”

okay now….

So…… what do you think a black woman wearing a wig is really trying tell our children?

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