Nicki Minaj’s FINAL WORDS ON Twitter After “Nickidaily” Leaked Her Track!

Nicki Minaj‘s fans (the loyal ones) are sadden by her decision to delete her Twitter Account. The Young Money princess said her farewell to the popular social media site after a fan site named leaked a unreleased track which supposedly didn’t make it on her latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded disc. More details below…………….

The rapper deactivated the account due to numerous negative comments from her followers. The fan site, released snippets of ‘Pink Friday Reloaded’ on its site before the album was released. Because of this, Nicki blocked their Twitter page. This allegedly upset the fans, so they turned on the songstress causing her to delete the whole page. 

One angry fan called out Nicki the same night she deleted her twitter page saying that if she doesn’t make it in the music industry (which she clearly has) she can always do a Illuminati sacrifice.

Also, Twitter allows a person to reactive their account within 30 days of deactivation. So lets hope to see the active tweeter back on twitter very soon.

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