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“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Joseline Hernandez Sex Tape Hits The Market!


Even though the show has come to an end, reality star Joseline Hernandez past life keeps resurfacing. 

The reality star did a personal sex tape shoot in which she starred — doing the nasty. Because the video is so raunchy, I won’t be posting the tape. However, I do have a few stills, check them out below:

The tape was released in the midst of all the cat fights and Joseline’s gender controversy. Flip the page to see more….

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  • LeshaDgafVaughn

    fake vagina…its easy to spot a tranny cus theyre vag lips are very thin & papery, theyre supposed to puff out a lil & hers are flat like theyre made out of sliced ballsack….ew

  • eatahabanero

    It looks like a vagina to me just a bit meaty. I hope mine never looks like that,

  • eatahabanero

    its a bit meaty thats all but it looks like a vagina to me

  • Ray

    Her vagina is like that because she masturbates a lot or have sex alot

  • Fatoumata

    If yu was sure that you are a women why would you make a nasty video of doesn’t look like a vagina tho* you had a transgender joseline you no what just tell us the true that it!!!!!!

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