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Oh Sh*t: Azealia Banks Accused Of “Biting & Swagger Jacking” Rival Freddy Hefner! + Azealia Seeking Romance! (Photos + Audio)

Despite Azealia Banks picking a beef with celebs on Twitter to boost her current status in the music industry, she is now being accused of “Biting and Swagger Jacking” upcoming artist Freddy Hefner creative ideas. 

However, this is not the first time the two artist have bump heads, because back in April, Styleblazer reported that Hefner might be the inspiration behind Banks’ long hair and a few of her upcoming single’s. While referring to herself as “Rapunzel” and “Mermaid” which was around the same time Hefner released her latest single called “Rapunzel.”

Plus, last week music producer Munchi talked about his beef with Azealia with complex magazine, where he outlined her as being hungry for fame and credibility.

This is what he had to say:

“I made a remix of one of my favorite tracks in the world ‘Esta Noche,’ and put it out in 2010. I did not want to release it, because I did not want to disrespect the artists – it was just my interpretation of this track and made for the club. 

Now, I noticed Azealia using the track in her ‘Fantasea mixtape’ in which the beats were being selected by Diplo and her. Nobody told me anything prior to the release. My intention was never to make this an actual release and I did not like what she did to it.

The only thing I would’ve asked for is proper credits and a say in the creative process – something taboo, but I have to have it clear what I want to affiliate my name with and with what not.

It is common in this music business to get fucked over and a lot of people are afraid to talk out. It is uncommon to speak out and say the reality of situation.

Azealia’s fans I do not and cannot blame – they have been misinformed and it is useless to blame them for something the person they idolize has been doing time after time. Stealing tracks and causing unnecessary drama. T.I., Lil KimJim Jones, KreayshawnIggy Azealia and Nicky Minaj were before me. Sh*t man, all this bullshit could’ve been avoided.”

Now, according to our source, 

“Azeila Banks is well aware of rapper, singer/songwriter Freddy, especially considering Azeaila has and continues to take her ideas (Mermaid, Rapunzel, long flowing red hair and most recently artwork.”

The source then added:

“Hefner released a single entitled “New Body” with the artwork, approximately a month ago and just last week, Banks releases the exact same type of artwork. Of course, Banks will still continue to adamantly deny it.”

Do you see the hair resemblance???…..And just recently the two were at it on Twitter:

Freddy HefnerI would go in about how @azealiabanks & her team high jacked my whole swag but I’m not gonna be negative. I shall go harder

AZEALIA BANKS ♥@FREDDHEADS who are you even? 

Freddy Hefner@AZEALIABANKS I think u know. & I’m not even mad. I support u all day; some things are coincidental. However, that’s life. We’ll cross paths 

AZEALIA BANKS ♥@FREDDHEADS I’ve never heard of you. I’ve been on this yung rapunxel mermaid shit since forever. Sry Hun. 

Freddy Hefner@AZEALIABANKS girl u don’t gotta apologize to me. I know who started what. Thats it. That’s all. Boop. 

♥ AZEALIA BANKS ♥@FREDDHEADS listen. I know your only doing this because you’re mad I got there first. It’s all good. Just come up with something else. 

♥ AZEALIA BANKS ♥@FREDDHEADS You Are Pressed. You Need To Drink More Water. 

♥ AZEALIA BANKS ♥@FREDDHEADS everything will work itself out. Much love and good luck – yung rapunxel 

Freddy HefnerYou can’t be young rapunzel rockin 4 ceily looking ass braids in your video. You cant be a mermaid wit 20 inch hair. 

Freddy HefnerI’m not bout to take it there! I did not come for no one. I called out some real shit and there it is. 

Freddy HefnerYaw wanna believe this b*tch who has a history of hating on other bitches and already got some one else name? I’ll wait.

Wow…. We also got an exclusive audio of Hefner’s new song “New Body.” check out the club banger track below:

I’m really digging this track!

Also, Azealia is currently seeking a partner because she doesn’t want to be lonely for the holiday’s. And guess what, she’s bisexual— so male or female can apply. I’m just saying!

This was just too much juice for me….what’s your thoughts on this? Did Azealia get a dose of what she’s been dishing out for the past couple of months?… Let me know below!!!

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