HE WENT THERE: Russell Simmons Says Miss Universe Leila Lopes Is A PUBLICITY WHORE!

So the godfather of whoring his calling Miss Universe Leila Lopes (2011) a publicity whore?!… Um Okay.

Anyhow, Russell Simmons is putting the Miss Universe on blast because he was invited to her “Miss Universe Farewell” party and was a no, but manage to send her flowers instead.

Now, the New York Post mentioned the party on Page Six, and made sure to include that Leila was boo’d up with NY Giant baller Osi Umenyiora and Russell’s bunch of flowers.
And according to the hip-hop mogul, who used to date the model last year, the info couldn’t have gotten back to the newspaper if Leila hadn’t shared it herself.

Here’s what he had this to say via Twitter:

“Leila Lopes @MissUniverse. U need to stop, my flowers were to wish you well, not to make your boy jealous ? :-)…why put them on pg 6? 

I was out w: my girl, sorry I missed ur party. Don’t stir up sh.. Don’t be a publicity whore or push your boys buttons. Love you.”

Your thoughts?

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