Is Reggie Bush & His Pregnant Girlfriend Lilit Engaged?

I guess Kim Kardashian is probably somewhere hoping Kanye West would just pop the question and knock her up too!

According to reports, “Miami Dolphins” star Reggie Bush has allegedly proposed to his pregnant Armenian girlfriend Lilit Avagyan. The baller even told “Life & Style” magazine that he won’t be doing any reality shows, despite being asked about it by many television producers.

“No way!” he says when asked if he’d ever consider doing a reality show with his new family. 

“When I met [Lilit], that’s when I knew it was time to [settle down].” Reggie confesses to Life & Style, admitting that he’s looking forward to downtime as a family man with the woman of his dreams. “I just can’t wait till my little one gets here. The whole process, I’m looking forward to it all.”

Reggie also revealed that if he has a baby girl, there will be a shot gun waiting for the lucky man who steps forward.

“I’m hoping for a boy because if it’s a girl, I’m going straight to the gun shop to buy some some guns.”

Um, okay. keep checking back while this story develops.


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