I WAS VIOLATED: Frank Ocean Accused Of Copping A Feel Of A Man’s Butt During Chris Brown Brawl!

Not only is R&B singer Frank Ocean being accused of starting a parking lot brawl with “Fortune” singer Chris Brown last Sunday night in Los Angles, that left both recording artist and several other’s injured,– the singer is now accused of allegedly grabbing a 32 year-old Westlake Studio male employee’s butt during the fight.

According to the employee, Alex Perez, who’s a sound engineer at the studio, claims he was in the middle of the fight between both camps when someone believed to be Ocean copped a feel of his butt (talk about eye’s on the prize). In which Perez was very adamant about his claims.

However, there’s no word on whether Perez has filed a sexual harassment suit against the “Channel Orange” hit-maker.

Plus, on Monday, Ocean began shooting his latest “Channel Orange” flick entitled, “Forrest Gump.” Check out the pics below:

Image credit: Instagram

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