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Justin Bieber Paparazzo TRAGIC DEATH in Car Accident !!

According to law enforcement sources a paparazzo in Los Angeles was hit and consequently killed by a passing car while darting across a busy street in order to photograph Justin Bieber‘s Ferrari, which was pulled over by police on the freeway. The 29 year old photographer was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after the incident occured this Tuesday.

According to Los Angeles police Detective Charles Walton, one of Bieber’s friends was behind the wheel of his white Ferrari when a California Highway Patrol officer pulled them over for speeding on Interstate 405.

“The CHP officer told him numerous times that it wasn’t safe for him to be there and to return to his vehicle,” Walton said.

After the traffic ticket was issued the photographer started to run back across the freeway to his car which is when he was hit by an elderly woman in a Toyota Highlander.

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