Snoop Dogg Talks About “Reincarnated” Album and Future Projects

Newly reinvented rapping legend Snoop Dogg, now going by Snoop Lion, recently signed a deal with RCA records to release his new album entitled, Reincarnated, which will be hit the streets this Spring. 

When GQ asked him about his new album and possible collaborations Snoop gave rather pragmatic responses concerning his upcoming projects and his experiences in interviews, he had this to say:

 “I really didn’t want to have too many featured people on my next couple of projects,” Snoop said in an interview with GQ. “Because if I’m doing an interview with you and you say, ‘Hey, Snoop, you’re working on your next album. Well, who’s on it?’ That’s always the first question. Who the fuck you think is on it? Me, motherf*cker!”

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