YOU GOT OUTED! Former NFLer Kwame SUED For Beating Up Ex-Boyfriend Over Soy Sauce ….LOL!

Former NFLer, Kwame Harris, who’s played for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, is currently being sued by his ex-boyfriend after Harris assaulted him on August 21, 2012 at the Menlo Park restaurant when an argument over soy sauce and rice gone bad.

The former lover, Dimitri Geier, who outed the baller in court on Monday (Jan. 28th) is suing civilly for assault, battery, negligence, false imprisonment and emotional distress.

According to the San Mateo daily news, during a ride to the airport, Kwame accused Dimitri of stealing his underwear, so he tried to pull his pants down. Because of this, Dimitri reportedly struck Kwame three times in the face but that to only unleashed Kwame’s anger and Dimitri ended up in the hospital “having surgery to repair broken orbital bones and required a metal plate to repair the damage.”

According to other reports, though Dimitri threw the first punch, he is considered the victim because he was the most badly injured. Kwame’s attorney Alin Clintean feels he will be vindicated saying, “This really is a pure self-defense case. He was attacked. He was in fear of his life and his physical well-being.”

Also, the baller is free on a $75,000 bail, but could face up to 7 years in jail if convicted.

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