Emily B Celebrates Her Birthday With Fabolous & Adrienne Bailon In New York City! [Photos]

On Valentines night, former “Love & Hip Hop: NY” reality star Emily B decided to celebrate her Birthday with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Fabolous and best-friend Adrienne Bailon at The Noir in New York City.

And the rapper, who once dissed his baby mama on one of his New York tracks, took to Twitter tell the reality star and fashion stylist:

“Happy Birthday to EmilyB!!… I Love basketball, good movies, fly clothes, nice cars, vodka, and YOU.”

How cute?.. 

Bailon also had a few words for the birthday girl:

“Happy Birthday Emily!!!!… If only people REALLY understood the friendship we have…. Our long talks and the laughter we’ve shared over the years! I’m blessed to call you a friend…AKA sister wife! To a new year of Life, Love, and Blessings! EmilyB #HBD #Friendship #Aquarius Great Times.”

Sister Wives?… Anyhow, see more pics below:

And even though Fab hasn’t wife the hot Latina chick yet, she did show off her banging BAWWDY earlier this week on yacht. Check out those bikini flicks below:

Image Credit: NecoleBitchie/Instagram/SanaG

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