UPDATED: Ray J HITS IT AGAIN With ‘I Hit It First’ Remix! [NEW MUSIC]

Only weeks after Ray J hit the internet with his “I Hit It First” song, he decided to bring a tag team of rappers with him! 

The rapper has recruited rappers like Dorrough, Uncle Murda, Clyde Carson for the remix of his controversial song, which clearly is making reference to his past relationship with Kim Kardashian.

In an interview with Street Sweepers Radio Ray J said:

“We didn’t do this record to get a response from nobody. Like, we did this record for people to go to iTunes, pick the record up, when you hear it in the club, you go crazy. If you want to pop it on your iTunes that’s in your phone and have a crazy conversation about what it is, that’s what we did it for.”

He then adds:

“We run an independent company and we having fun. … The thing about it is I’m not saying anything to nobody. The record speaks for itself. The record is so over-the-top that for us to go into the interviews and go crazy over some sh*t, it’s too much. It’s distasteful.”

Um okay!…Check out the track below (skip to 1:34):

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