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Chris Brown’s Alleged Victim Calls Him A LIAR & Shares A Video Of Her Walking On Injured Leg!

Recently, R&B singer Chris Brown was accused of assaulting a female party-goer at a Los Angeles nightclub. A report which Chris calls B.S and says people are always out to get him.

Now, a video footage, which was shot early Sunday morning in the Heat Ultra Lounge parking structure in Anaheim, has surfaced showing the accuser, Deanna Gines, being escorted out by security.
Gimes was clearly upset and kept telling the bodyguards, “F*** all ya’ll.”
As first reported, Gines claims the 24 year-old singer shoved her to the ground inside the club, tearing the ligaments in her right knee after he was rushing to the bar before it close.
However, the video appears to contradict her story…because you can see Gines putting weight on her right leg and limping on her left.
TMZ reports:

Sources at the club tell us, Gines did actually injure herself … but it was her own fault, drunkenly stumbling down some stairs on the way out of the club. As we reported, the club’s owner (as well as several eyewitnesses) claim Chris never touched Gines. 

For Gines’ part, she tells us she did NOT fall outside the club — the club’s trying to cover its ass. As for the mystery limp, she says her whole lower body was in pain after Chris allegedly shoved her … and at the time, her left leg hurt more than her right. Oh yeah, and she was drunk.

Check out the video below:

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