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Following the an unofficial version of the video which quickly went viral and going off on the person/s who leaked the video on Twitter, rapper Kanye West has released the official version of “Black Skinhead” via his website.

In the video, a notably buff 35 year-old West, is shirtless except for a glowing chain around his neck, and his image is at times interspersed with images of growling dogs and other flashing black-and-white images.

And in addition to its button-pushing images, the video also features a controversial image of three KKK members in black hoods, and by the end of the video, the digital West appears to be completely nude.

Check out the Nick Knight-directed video below:

Plus, it was a busy weekend for West: in addition to posting the video, the rapper had a confrontation on Friday with a photographer at LAX that has resulted in a police investigation after the paparazzi claimed the rapper battered him during the incident.

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