Chris Brown Sued By Frank Ocean’s Cousin After ‘Being Left Disabled’ Due To Alleged Parking Lot Beating!

He might be retiring from music, but 25 year-old Chris Brown cannot seem to stay out the courtroom and out of trouble! Now, the singer is being sued by Frank Ocean‘s cousin over the January brawl outside a Los Angeles recording studio that the victim disabled.

The victim, Duarte, is claiming that Brown’s bodyguard “Hood” kicked him at least 12 times in his side and several times in the head, while he laid on the ground. He also alleges the convicted woman beater yelled out “Get that n****!,” and mocked him as they later walked away by saying, “You just got your ass beat and it’s all on camera.

Duarte claims the incident has left him permanently disabled and his lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages. A rep for Brown responds to the report saying, “Chris Brown does not employee anyone named ‘Hood.’

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