“Basketball Wives: LA” Newbie Sundy Carter’s Daughter Gets Dragged On Twitter; Sundy Branded “Worst Mom of the Year”

On tonight’s season premiere of “Basketball Wives: LA”, Sundy Carter made her second debut on the show as an official castmate with her opening storyline being her troubled daughter, Deja Carter, running away from home with a guy (Arnell Craig aka Duddy) whom she believed had no good intentions for her daughter.

Well, Sundy’s mother’s intuition was on point, because a few days after her 17 year-old daughter’s up and disappear act, she re-emerged on Instagram by posting a photo of herself ‘kissing her boyfriend’s d**k’.

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It wasn’t long before Sundy unleashed on her daughter by re-posting the inappropriate photo of Deja committing the oral sexual act during a heated argument via Twitter:

An unapologetic Sundy defended her actions by saying:

Feeling the heat from the media backlash, she pulled the ultimate catchphrase, ‘I was hacked,’ but the damage had already been done:

Now, after Sundy’s co-star Brandi brought up the sore subject, recalling the incident on ‘Basketball Wives: LA,’ Twitter users did some digging and found the image that made news back in April (2013). Skip the page below to see the photo….[next]

Despite saying she’s a great mom, one Twitter user branded Sundy “Worst Mom of the Year” for re-uploading Deja’s pop-up sex photo:


If you care for the X-rated photo, check it out HERE

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The day she noticed her daughter had runaway, Sundy went buck wild — tweeting folks and Duddy on twitter and instagram. See tweets above!

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