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Unbelievable! George Zimmerman Signs Autographs At An Orlando Gun Show [VIDEO]

Only in Florida! This week, George Zimmerman was photographed signing autographs at the New Orlando Gun Show and served as the show’s guest of honor. And this is not some parallel dimension, because it actually took place!

Zimmerman reportedly signed photos of himself with a dog while thanking his supporters for coming out. Um, he’s a celebrity now after shooting a defenseless teen for walking in his Florida neighborhood while wearing a hoodie?

The only upside to the entire New Orlando Gun Show was that only twenty people asked for autographs, I mean there has to be a few with their screws loose right?

Zimmerman also gave an interview following the show and told a Fox 35 correspondent that he doesn’t see anything wrong with signing autographs at a gun show, among other things. Watch the interview below:

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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