Amanda Bynes: Shoplifting Isn’t As Bad As Hating My Parents!


After her parents created an elaborate plan with Sam Lutfi to lure her from New York City to L.A., to get her committed, actress Amanda Bynes is said to be filled with anger as she sits in a Pasadena mental facility.

Via TMZ:

Lutfi convinced Bynes to take a car service to what she believed was a Pasadena law office, where she would meet with a lawyer about suing her parents for abuse. The building was actually a mental facility. When she walked in the front door, she was restrained and involuntarily committed.

Sources say Amanda feels utterly betrayed… and says her relationship with her parents is “destroyed forever.”

The gossip site also reports that Bynes is reportedly in the women’s lock-down section of the facility and showing fits of anger. Doctors are medicating her, but it takes time for the meds to kick in.

Here’s the long-term problem. Amanda’s parents are seeking another conservatorship before she leaves the facility in 2 weeks — and doctors were granted to extend a 72-hour to 14 days. But everyone involved concedes … it will be extremely difficult to manage Amanda given her hatred for her parents.

Amanda — who hasn’t been working for the past two year — is said to be worth $3 million and still has checks coming in from investments she made while working in showbiz. Smart move!

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