Mimi Faust’s Ex- Nikko Smith Wants In; Can Stevie J and Mimi Maintain A Business Relationship? Let’s Chop It Up!

VH1’s executive producer Mona Scott-Young is sleeping very well at nights given that fact that her super smash hit “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” is back for fourth season.

Being one of the most social ranked reality TV show — “Love and Hip Hop: ATL” season 4 debut reportedly drew an estimated 6.2 million viewers in its premiere and re-run hours aired Monday night (April 20).

Fans were super excited for return of the incredible and outrageous story-lines from the cast members, especially Mimi Faust, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez on-and-off again love triangle.

The show opened up with Mimi and Stevie J signing their first new artist Tiffany Fox to their MF Management Recording Company, and gave viewers a peak of her talents as she performed inside a strip club. But the question on everybody’s mind is, can Mimi and Stevie J really maintain a business relationship without some adult fun time, now that Nikko Smith — who made cryptic claims that she paid him to be her boyfriend — is out the picture?

Now, it’s no surprise Nikko is looking to create a storyline that will eventually land him back a spot on the show, and sources say Mona might just give in after his tell-all interview on Hot 97’s Ebro morning show earlier this week. I guess Ms. Mona will do anything to continue milking the twerking cash cow.

Nikko explained to Ebro that at first, he didn’t want to deceive the viewers by playing [Mimi’s] fake boyfriend, but after the reality star’s manager ‘wined and dined’ him, he eventually agreed to do it.

When asked why he didn’t tell her about his marriage, [Nikko] said: “I was just afraid that if she found out, she would axe the deal and I wouldn’t get paid.” Adding, “Mimi was still fragile because of her split with the father of her child.

Mimi also clapped back at her ex-boyfriend via Twitter, where she wrote: “Anyone want to be my “fake boyfriend?” Only requirement is he needs to be a scumbag.” Ouch!

Let us know what you think about Nikko dry humping his way back on the show in the comment box below….

FYI: Last year, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” season 3 premiere debuted to 5.6 million viewers, making season 4 a smash hit… and you know what that means, more money for the cast.

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