Ray Rice’s Domestic Violence Charges Dropped; NFL Executives Refuses To Sign Him After McDonald’s Arrest!

Baller Ray Rice has reportedly completed his pre-trial diversion program and had his felony assault charges dropped and expunged from his record.

Recently, a New Jersey judge ruled the dismissal of Rice’s charges after his completion of a court ordered program. Rice was offered the option to complete the pre-trial program and avoid charges because he was a first-time offender, a practice commonly awarded to first-time offenders

Rice’s legal troubles involving the well-documented domestic violence incident with his now-wife Janay Palmer is in the past him, but his public criticism and lack of job in the NFL are still looming.

I’m sure most of you saw the video of the former Baltimore Ravens’ running-back knocking [Janay] out cold. The video went viral after surveillance footage from the New Jersey casino was obtained by TMZ and distributed almost every on social media outlets. The releasing of the graphic video — which showed Ray knocking out Janay — surfaced after the NFL had already doled out a small two-game suspension for the initial arrest and charge. The video caused a nationwide uproar demanding a more serious punishment from the NFL and the Ravens.

The NFL and Ravens got the message; Rice was released from the team and the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely. The former pro-bowler became the face of domestic violence for the country and affirmed critiques’ assumption that the NFL is rampant with domestic abusers who are getting off with merely a slap on the wrist.

The NFL has since been trying to repair its image yet can’t seem to avoid its players committing embarrassing crimes. Defense player Ray McDonald,  who recently signed with the Chicago Bears after a very successful career in San Francisco, is now reportedly the most recent offender.

McDonald was originally released from the 49ers for multiple incidents involving domestic violence before getting arrested over the weekend for another domestic violence incident. The Bears immediately released McDonald in hopes of avoiding the same backlash the Ravens received for handling Rice’s situation.

Despite the whirlwind of backlash and uproar from protesters across the country, the Ray Rice incident has somewhat passed by with little controversy for those personally involved. The Ravens quickly moved-on replacing the former pro-bowl running-back with Justin Forsett. The 5’8″ Forsett perfectly mirrors Rice in stature and filled in nicely after Rice’s release racking up 1200+ yards and 8 TDs in 2014.

The Ravens moved on as an organization as well, making the playoffs in 2014 and are now pegged an one of the favorites to win Super Bowl 50 according to sources tied to gambling.com.

FYI: Rice has also moved on putting the legal issues behind him, as well as his wife, after the completion of the pre-trial program. He has been reinstated to the NFL and if a team is willing to give Rice a second chance, he could sign with a team immediately. The only person closely involved in the Rice situation who is still publicly suffering is the NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell. Goodell still faces numerous critiques for his decisions in the matter and handling of other domestic violence issues in the league.

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