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VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Gay Couple Milan Christopher and Siir Brock Hopes to Stop Homophobia In the Entertainment Industry!

Milan Christopher and Siir Brock recently sat down with the L.A Times to talk about finding love in Hip Hop and fighting against homophobia in the entertainment industry.

While many folks won’t understand their odd relationship, “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” newcomers and first gay couple Milan Christopher and Miles ‘Siir’ Brock recently sat down with the L.A Times to talk about finding love in Hip Hop and fighting against homophobia in the entertainment industry.

The new season of the VH1 hit show kicked off last month with episodes in which the men were trying to keep their relationship a secret until now. Brock, who was raised in the church, is fearful of how his family, the industry and an ex-girlfriend might react. That emotional episode airs tonight on VH1.

Christopher, a model, has appeared in several music videos for famous musicians like Kanye West, the Game and Beyoncé before pursuing rap and producing career. Brock on the other hand, a rapper and former member of R&B group Marz Boiz, have been dating Milan for more than two years after meeting at a Lil Wayne party. It was love at first sight Brock called it.

Secrecy has been a major point of contention for the couple. Christopher is openly gay but Brock’s family didn’t know about his sexuality before the show premiered (some of his family members are no longer speaking to him, he said).

“It’s a bit overwhelming,” said Brock, 27. “Knowing every rapper, singer or anybody that’s linked to entertainment knows my business, I’m still getting over that. I’ll never be looked at as ‘normal.'”

But you are normal,” Christopher stressed while comforting Brock.

“In this world we are a minority and [some people] don’t like it,” Brock continued. “It’s hard. Being a black man, in hip hop and religious, I have so many strikes against me … all these hurdles.”

According to the LA Times:

Though still a small minority, LGBT men and women of color have become more visible on TV and with more nuanced story lines than ever before. Last year “Empire” broke ground by featuring a black gay character for its drama that takes place in the world of hip hop. But unscripted programming has been slow to evolve.

The couple say they hope to get a real shot at having successful music careers, regardless of their sexuality.

“I don’t want this to just be a reality-show thing and that’s it,” Christopher said. “I want people to hear our music and respect it. People might not want to hear it, but at least people are looking.”

But do you think Christopher and Brock’s presence on a high-profile platform such as VH1 could help chip away at least some of the misogyny and homophobia inherent in rap culture?

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