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Wendy Williams Talks Why Terrence Howard Should Be Fired From “Empire” [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams is not a fan of Terrence Howard — who plays Luscious Lyon on ‘Empire’ — and believes he should be fired.

Talk show host Wendy Williams is making it known that she is not a fan of actor Terrence Howard — who plays Luscious Lyon on ‘Empire’ — and believes he should be fired from the Fox hit TV show because of his domestic violence past.

During her recap of last Monday night’s show, Williams blasted Howard for possibly destroying the “Empire” brand by bragging about his violent outbursts in recent interviews as well as his divorce drama with his former wife who claimed he physically abused her.

“Between him allegedly being abusive to women in his personal life, him giving an 18-page nutty interview to Rolling Stone magazine, where he talked about all kinds of nuttiness… And, again, going back to how he allegedly treats women in his life.”

“It usurped his entire situation at ‘Empire,’ and the show could do without Terrence Howard,” Williams said to applause. “I’m sorry. It’s the way I feel.”

Watch the clip below to see Wendy dish about Howard’s nutty role on the show. Skip to 4:55!

Do you think Terrence should be fired? Do you also think Wendy’s beef with Terrence will ruin her friendship with Taraji P. Henson – who plays Cookie Lyon?

ON A FUN NOTE: Terrence’s response to Williams:

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