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Erica Mena Opens Up About Split From Fiance Bow Wow!

Erica Mena is finally opening up about what caused the demise of her relationship with Bow Wow.


It’s no secret Erica Mena and “CSI: Cyber” actor Shad “Bow Wow” Moss have ended their engagement, so I guess it’s best to hear it from the horses mouth.

In recent weeks, Mena did some Fall cleaning by deleting every photo she’s shared with the entertainer and actor, then gave her thoughts on their failed relationship via Instagram.

“You are a part of the past but know I did pick you for a reason. I don’t feel bad at all but I do apologize you didn’t see your greatness. Now you can apologize for not living up to it,” the caption reportedly stated.


Talk show host, Wendy Williams also weighed in on the former “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star and “CSI: Cyber” actor’s split.

“Erica Mena a very lovely girl from what I know, I don’t really know her but very good-looking woman, Wendy said. But when Bow Wow got engaged to her after only dating for a few months, I was gagging. Bow Wow, your mom is going to flip. I know guys like girls like that but they normally don’t bring them home. And they definitely don’t engage them, with the ring.

Sorry Erica, I’m just calling it like it is. Pow! Pow! Okay, so they got engaged and I’ve been saying this all along, if you recall, and also said they’d never make it down the aisle because either we “John Q public” are going to pressure him into rethinking his thing or his friends are going to say, ‘Yo dawg, you know, she’s pretty for a hooker.

She’s a snack but the main course? With the ring?’ No.”

Erica was once linked to her former VH1 co-star Rich Dollaz, but that relationship became toxic and ended very messy three years ago. Sex tape anyone?



Not anymore!

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